What are Some Really Good Natural Weight Loss Tips?

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Losing weight naturally through diet and exercise means avoiding all the pills and chemicals many new fad diets are offering. It means learning to understand your body and how to eat in a way that it responds to.

Regardless of the outlandish claims that are made by all of these new 'secret' undiscovered weight loss programs, no diet exists that will work properly without exercise. Natural weight loss is more permanent than the kind you get from other sources.

The Process

It is recommended that anyone going on a diet should have at least a simple grasp of what their body goes through as it drops off the pounds. The fat being dropped (as well as the carbs and proteins) is stored energy. The calories are the measuring units used for measuring the potential energy in those fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

The body converts fat into usable energy using a series of chemical processes. Any excess calories (energy) that are not needed are stored away. If you are going to lose weight, then you will need to burn more calories (energy) than you are taking in. Whenever you used more than you take in, the body will draw on the stored fat and use it for energy, and that makes the fat cells shrink.

Fat does not disappear, it merely changes form, similar to how water turns to steam. This is basically how the process works, however, you also need to account for environmental factors and genetics. This simple process will vary from one person to the next.

Natural Foods for Weight Loss

One of the first things to do when you want to lose weight naturally, is to confront your unhealthy eating habits. Once you settle that you also want to find yourself a daily exercise routine so you can work out at least 30 minutes, once a day, three to five days a week.

Now start by choosing from a wide selection of foods that will help you to naturally drop off the pounds. There are plenty of them around and it just takes a bit of researching to find them. Here are 3 good ones to get you started -

• Lemon

• Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

• Cinnamon

(1). Lemon - Lemons have an alkalizing effect on the body and are naturally detoxifying. They are an ideal food for losing weight. Have a glass of water every morning along with a fresh squeeze of lemon. Try squeezing some lemon over some of the other foods you eat.

(2). Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - A lot of experts will agree that coconut oil is about as close to being a 'superfood' as you can get. It is high in lauric acid (commonly found in breastmilk). It is moisturizing, anti-aging, and healing. This is the only oil you should ever use to cook with.

(3). Cinnamon - People find it hard to believe that anything that tastes so good could be good for you. Eating cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugars, which is a crucial component of the body's weight loss process.


Of course we all know the value of fresh juices and fruits and vegetables. While there are thousands of diet programs out there, and lots of advice to go around, the best thing you can learn to do is to listen to your body. It has the ability to guide you. It ‘knows’ how to heal itself naturally.

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